The Definitive Superfoods List

The Ultimate Superfoods List | Superfoods listed in alphabetical order, with the health benefits of each at

Alfalfa Grass

Many people know and love alfalfa sprouts, but not as common is the grass derived from this plant. Alfalfa grass can be juiced or purchased in superfood powder form, and is best taken directly as a shot or mixed in with other cold drinks.

Superfoods: Alfalfa Grass

What Makes It so Good

Just like the other forms of superfood grass, this one is high in chlorophyll too. This grass has amazing anti-inflammatory properties so it’s ideal for treating a range of diseases as well.


As the most nutritionally dense nut, and one of the tastiest too, it’s no wonder almonds are so popular. Whether you want to enjoy it as a paste, eat them as a snack, or use them in your baking, there’s room for them in every meal.

Superfoods: Almonds

What Makes It so Good

Almonds are ideal for anyone on a diet as they have the great ability to fill you up and give you energy at the same time. They’re also amazing at reducing cholesterol just like the other nuts.


A sweet fruit that needs no explanation, apples are one of the cheapest yet most effective fruits available and can be juiced, eaten fresh, added to salads or baked in a range of goods.

Superfoods: Apples

What Makes It so Good

Another fruit that’s good in antioxidants, apples are also an amazing source of fiber. They’re great for digestive health, and at just 47 calories for one they’re a great way to fill up without any of the bad stuff.


These long green spears are a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients. Fresh is best with this vegetable, so you should always avoid the tinned varieties to ensure you’re getting the most out of them. Enjoy steamed or grilled to keep all of the good flavors and nutrients locked in.

Superfoods: Asparagus

What Makes It so Good

The most important nutrients in asparagus are vitamin K and antioxidants which work together to prevent heart diseases, blood clothing, and brittle bones. For those who are looking to lose weight, a cup of asparagus is only worth 27 calories so it’s essential for a good diet.


Packed full of healthy fats and nutrients, this fruit is often overlooked for being fattening. Best eaten in season, the avocado can be consumed fresh in salads, smoothies, dips, or on its own as a creamy snack.

Best Anti Aging Foods

What Makes It so Good

The fats and nutrients within an avocado help your body to fight diseases such as cancer, heart disease, degenerative eye and brain diseases. These include folate, vitamin E, and monounsaturated fats (the good kind!).

Barley Grass

Another superfood grass, barley grass comes from the popular barley grain. Just like the other superfood grass varieties, the best way to prepare it and ensure you get the most nutrients is with juicing or powdered extract form.

Superfoods: Barley Grass

What Makes It so Good

This grass has many amazing health benefits, including a proven ability to reduce cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease. Barley grass contains high levels of chlorophyll, just like wheatgrass, which is an amazing blood cleanser.

Bee Pollen

Not to be confused with allergy-causing pollen, bee pollen is derived from the male seed of pollen and is food for young bees. You can ground bee pollen or purchase it in capsules and add it to almost any meal.

Bee Pollen Superfoods

What Makes It so Good

Used in ancient Chinese medicine for years, bee pollen has been known to improve endurance and energy, prevent the common cold, and more. It’s the richest source of vitamins found in nature in one sole type of food.


These purple vegetables have a unique sweet taste and are amazing in fresh juices, salads, or even roasted.

Superfoods: Beets

What Makes It so Good

The color of beets comes from antioxidants, specifically betalains, which can help them prevent cancer and other serious illnesses. They also contain fiber, folate, and vitamins A, B, and C.

Black Tea

Not normally receiving the health hype of other teas, black tea is a simple superfood to get more of. Simply brew yourself a cup each day in place of other caffeinated drinks and enjoy the perks.

Superfoods: Black Tea

What Makes It so Good

According to a study from Rutgers University, black tea has been found to improve your muscles after exercise. Full of antioxidants and zero calories, it’s the perfect way to enjoy a guilt free healthy treat.


A popular choice, blueberries are a nice sweet addition to this superfoods list. You can mix them with your smoothies, top some fresh oats with a few, add them to baking, or even snack on them during the day.

Blueberries on Table

What Makes It so Good

One study found that a cup of blueberries a week was shown to speed up metabolism and lower blood pressure. They’re also known to help with memory problems such as Alzheimers, so they’re great for body and mind.

Blue Green Algae

There are two types of blue green algae; spirulina and Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, which make the most common varieties. Most commonly consumed in a powdered form, you can put this extract on foods or add them to your superfood smoothies and juices.

Superfoods: Blue Green Algae

What Makes It so Good

This alga is extremely high in nutrients, so it’s one of the top superfoods for health. Our bodies absorb this product well which makes it even more effective and easy to consume. Blue green algae have been proven to increase energy, slow down aging, and improve the appearance of skin and hair.


One of nature’s most popular vegetables, broccoli is classed as one of the green superfoods packed full of nutrients. For optimal taste and nutrients, steam your broccoli, eat it raw, or enjoy it in soups and stir-fries.

Superfoods: Broccoli

What Makes It so Good

Not only does it taste amazing, but broccoli is full of vitamins C, A, and K, as well as folate, calcium, fiber, and more. Broccoli can help significantly in lowering your cholesterol, and helping your body to prevent cancer growth.


Raw cacao comes directly from the same tree that cocoa is derived from, only it’s far more powerful and healthy.

Cacao From Cocoa Bean

What Makes It so Good

With 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries, cacao packs a powerful punch. With the highest plant-based source of iron available, this superfood has definitely earned its title.


One of the world’s most popular vegetables and one that always seems to taste amazing, yet the superfood status of carrots is relatively unknown. Best eaten fresh, steamed, juiced, or sautéed, there’s endless options for how to ingest this amazing vegetable.

Superfoods: Carrots

What Makes It so Good

Just one serve of carrots provides you with 210% of your required vitamin A content, giving you good eyesight among other things. They also feature high levels of vitamin A and other antioxidants that protect the skin from damage-causing free radicals.

Chia Seeds

A huge superfood hit, these little seeds can be used in just about any recipe or drink you can think of. Derived from a desert plant, they’ve been known for their versatility and loads of nutrition.

Superfoods: Chia Seeds

What Makes It so Good

With an unusually high content of omega-3 fatty acids, you can get a huge serving of this important nutrients with just a tiny amount of seeds. They also feature protein and calcium, making them an ideal addition to every meal.


Chlorella is a cousin to blue green algae and is native to Taiwan and Japan. This is the best superfood supplement available and easy to mix into drinks and other meals, or take in tablet form.

Superfoods: Chlorella

What Makes It so Good

The green color of chlorella comes from its high concentration of chlorophyll, and although compared often to spirulina it’s actually more nutrient dense. With proven powers of supporting your entire body, including hormone function, lowering blood pressure, and lessening the effects of chemotherapy, it’s truly a wonder supplement.

Coconut Oil

This wonder oil has been used for more than just eating, and has a range of amazing benefits. Best used for cooking, frying, baking, smoothies, or homemade energy bars, it’s full of good uses.

Natural Coconut Oil and Soap

What Makes It so Good

With a long list of benefits, coconut oil is good for protecting against heart disease, lowering cholesterol, killing disease and fungal infections, and slowing the release of sugar into your bloodstream.

Dandelion Greens

Coming from the dandelion plant, these greens can be added to your smoothies and salads for a great leafy green alternative.

Superfoods: Dandelion Greens

What Makes It so Good

Dandelion greens are a liver’s best friend, with natural detoxifying powers. They can also help to aid digestion, so they go well with just about any meal.


Coming from the root, ginger is an impressive superfood that’s often used in alternative medicine. To get your daily serve of ginger, you can shred fresh shavings of the root into drinks, smoothies, salads, and everyday cooking, or pair with protein for added effect.

Superfoods: Ginger

What Makes It so Good

Ginger has a range of healing benefits from sore muscles to nausea and even upper respiratory problems. It also features the all-important antioxidants that can slow the growth of cancer cells.

Goji Berries

Used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, goji berries have become a hit recently in western nutrition. These dried berries can be added to baking, eaten on their own, or thrown into your morning smoothie.

Red Dried Goji Berries

What Makes It so Good

The berries contain a healthy dose of vitamin C, B2, and A, as well as iron and other antioxidants. They’ve been proven to aid concentration, well-being, and digestion, so they offer quite a few benefits.

Green Tea

Just like black tea, green tea can be brewed and enjoyed either hot or cold. Made from fermented leaves, this type of tea is said to be higher in antioxidants than all others.

Superfoods: Green Tea

What Makes It so Good

Green tea not only tastes delicious, but it has a myriad of benefits. From anti-aging to weight loss, it’s great for your health and appearance. A cup of green tea each day also helps to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure too.


One of the hippest superfoods of late, kale is a leafy green vegetable that can be eaten raw, baked into tasty chips, or added to your soups, smoothies, and stews.

Superfood Kale

What Makes It so Good

This food has one of the highest ratings for vegetables which can scavenge free radicals and help prevent disease. It’s been known to fight asthma, cardiovascular disease, and rheumatoid arthritis too.

Lemons and Limes

These citrus superfoods share many of the same great qualities and can be enjoyed in similar ways. Lemons and limes work well when squeezed into warm or cold water for a refreshing drink or as a simple and healthy dressing for salads, meats, and other meals.

Superfoods: Lemons and Limes

What Makes It so Good

Lemons and limes are packed full of vitamin C, and they’re great for protecting your skin from damaging free radicals. Lemons contain 187% of your daily vitamin C needs in just one serve, so it’s a handy food to have around.

Lentil Beans

These beans are ideal for anyone, and not just vegetarians. They can be boiled, added to baking, eaten hot or cold, and come in a range of colors and flavors.

Superfoods: Lentil Beans

What Makes It so Good

With slow burning protein, lentils are ideal for filling you up and keeping you from reaching for snacks before your next meal. They’re vegan-friendly and high in protein, so ideal for special diet requirements too.

Mustard Greens

Mustard isn’t just known for being a great condiment, it also produces these leaves which are packed full of goodness. Either saute or eat fresh, but be sure to pair with something sweeter as they’re an acquired taste.

Superfoods: Mustard Greens

What Makes It so Good

Mustard greens have a high sulforaphane content which makes them ideal for lowering cholesterol and improving heart health.


A superfood that many of us already probably eat, oatmeal is made from 100% whole grains. Generally mixed with milk or water as a breakfast food, you can also use oats for cooking and in your smoothies.

Superfoods: Oatmeal

What Makes It so Good

Oatmeal is one of the best sources of soluble fiber, making it ideal for lowering cholesterol. It also improves digestion and aids metabolism, so it’s a great weight loss superfood.


One of American’s favorite fruits, this superfood is sweet and zesty all at the same time. Eat fresh, juice with a blender, or use it as a natural sweetener in cooking.

Superfoods: Oranges

What Makes It so Good

Known best for the vitamin C, not many people are aware at just how many other nutrients these fruits have. Antioxidants, flavonoids, potassium, and more can be found in these juicy superfoods.


Another great nut, pistachios have a pronounced crunchy flavor. Used best in stir fries, salads, or as a great snack, they’re a versatile nut, but for the best effect avoid the pre-shelled variety.

Superfoods: Pistachios

What Makes It so Good

These nuts are cholesterol free and a great source of protein, so they’re ideal for anyone looking to lose weight and improve their heart health.


Delicious tasting and good for you, pomegranate is full of flavorsome seeds that have huge health benefits. You can eat a pomegranate straight from the source, or mix it in with yogurts, smoothies, and baking for a natural sweetener or vibrant color maker.

Pomegranate On Table

What Makes It so Good

Packed full of polyphenols, this super fruit has a huge amount of antioxidants. According to Reader’s Digest, it actually holds more than three times the antioxidants found in green tea, another popular superfood. This fruit helps to prevent cancer and heart disease and is also a good source of fiber.


This high protein, plant based alternative to grain has taken off recently as a superfood. Quinoa is cooked using an absorption method with water, and can be used to substitute pasta, rice, cereals, and more in a meal.

Superfoods: Quinoa

What Makes It so Good

Quinoa gives an amazing flavor without any of the nasties contained in traditional carbohydrates, packed full of protein and gluten free. This seed helps to combat diabetes, heart disease and acts as a natural appetite suppressant.


Another popular green and the original leafy superfood, spinach has a range of uses too. You can eat it fresh, add it to your salads, sandwiches, pizzas, juices, or anything that takes your fancy.

Superfoods: Spinach

What Makes It so Good

The phytonutrients in spinach leaves make them a great anti-inflammatory food and one that can help protect against cancer also. It’s also full of vitamin K which is responsible for good bones and blood functions.


One of the most common fruits, but one that has super powers too, strawberries can be consumed a number of ways. Fresh strawberries can be eaten as a snack, placed into your smoothies, or used to top your morning cereal.

Superfoods: Strawberries

What Makes It so Good

Strawberries feature high amounts of antioxidants which give them their bright red color. These antioxidants defend your cell structures and help protect against serious disease.

Sweet Potatoes

Deliciously sweet and full of nutrients, this root vegetable has it all. Steam or boil the sweet potato to get the best of its health benefits, and add to soups, salads, or as a side dish to your main meal.

Superfood Sweet Potato

What Makes It so Good

With high levels of vitamins A and C, they’re great for people who suffer from asthma and arthritis. If you suffer from diabetes, this vegetable can help lower your blood glucose levels and is a far healthier alternative to regular potatoes.


Turmeric is a yellow root spice, used to flavor dishes and add colors. This plant has amazing zest and loads of medicinal benefits as well. Sprinkle onto cold dishes or add to your cooking for all of the great taste.

Superfoods: Turmeric

What Makes It so Good

With too many to name, turmeric features some amazing qualities such as anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, and wound healing properties. It works well to protect against with eye and skin conditions, certain types of cancer, and irritable bowel syndrome.


These nuts have the most impressive qualities of all superfood nuts, and they can be eaten virtually any way you like. Enjoy a handful raw, place them into your smoothies, or bake with them.

Walnuts on The Table

What Makes It so Good

As one of the few sources of Omega-3 fatty acids that come from a plant, this nut is ideal for protecting your body from a range of diseases. They also have a high amount of plant sterols so they’re another food that’s great for lowering cholesterol.

Wheat grass

One of the first superfoods to start the revolution, many people know of wheatgrass as a health lover’s best friend. A popular choice in juice bars, this baby wheat plant can juiced fresh from the source or added to drinks and cooking in powder form.

Superfoods: Wheat grass

What Makes It so Good

People often put up with the earthy taste of wheat grass because of its amazing health benefits, including improved digestion and help with stomach conditions. It’s another superfood known for its cancer preventing properties, so as an all-rounder it certainly delivers.

Wild Salmon

This fish has high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and calcium, and is so simple to prepare. Whether eaten fresh or straight from the tin, you can use wild salmon in salads, bakes, as a snack, or with just about anything you like.

Wild Alaskan Salmon

What Makes It so Good

Packed full of nutrients and vitamins, wild salmon reduces your risk of stroke, mental disorders, and diabetes, while protecting your immune system. It’s also essential in pregnancy for developing the brain and eye growth of infants.