Superfoods For Beautiful Hari And Nails

Superfoods for Beautiful Hair & Nails

Superfoods are an amazing source of nutrients and vitamins that can help you ward off disease and obesity, but did you know they’re also a delicious way to get luscious hair and nails too?

People often reach for skin creams and hair masks to get themselves looking fresh and new again, but not many think about the effects that our diets can have on these features. With the right mix of superfoods, you can naturally enhance the beauty and health of your hair and nails so there’ll never be a need for expensive cosmetic products again.


This delicious superfood is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins that are crucial to good hair, skin, and nails. There is a range of ways in which these sweet berries can help you looks years younger and healthier, aside from its many other health benefits.

Blueberries on Table

Blueberries have natural anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce ageing, slow down wrinkle development, and pick up sagging skin. The vitamin B within these berries can help to improve hair and growth, giving you thick and lustrous locks.

To get the most out of your blueberries, there are a few different ways to up your intake. Try adding them to your next smoothie, frozen or fresh, or simply snack on them throughout the day.


Known as the main star of the superfood nut group, walnuts have amazing properties that can help your hair and nails to grow with strength. These healthy nuts have a good dose of Omega-3 fatty acids which is crucial to your skin and hair development.

Walnuts on The Table

Walnuts can be added to just about any meal, and they’re also a great snack to ward off hunger. Six or seven walnuts a day is all you’ll need for rejuvenated hair and nails. For a simple exfoliating scrub, mix a quarter cup of finely ground walnuts with a quarter cup of natural yoghurt to give your skin a refreshing cleanse.

Wild Salmon

Packed full of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, this fish has everything you could ask for in a beauty booster. These amazing properties will keep your skin and hair supple, and promote further growth.

Wild Alaskan Salmon

People who don’t get enough Omega-3 fatty acids in their daily lives may find that their skin dries out, they get more dandruff and increased split ends. Keeping your wild salmon intake up is a crucial way to prevent this and encourage supply skin.

According to Fitness Magazine, salmon is also great for your pearly whites thanks to the high amount of vitamin D within. This superfood can be cooked almost any way, whether you want to enjoy some sushi, toss it through your pasta and salad, or grilled with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Coconut Oil

One of nature’s most versatile superfoods, there’s nothing you can’t do with coconut oil. This oil is particularly handy for your nails, and according to Women’s Health, it will also help your body to absorb all types of nutrients from other foods in your diet.

Natural Coconut Oil and Soap

Coconut oil has all of the best vitamins and nutrients that contribute to the health of your nails, including A, D, C, and K, so it’s packed full of everything you need. You can eat it by the spoonful, use it for cooking oil, add it to your salads, or put it in your baking so the opportunities are endless for this superfood.

Not only is coconut oil great for adding to your food, but it makes a great home remedy for improving their strength and helping them to grow. Mix a little coconut oil with honey and rosemary oil, place the mixture in the microwave, and then soak your nails for 15 minutes.

Superfoods are the Best Beauty Product

Rather than wasting time and money trying to strengthen your hair and nails with expensive products, why not start at the source and look at the types of food you are eating. Our diet affects more than just our health, and it can be seen through our skin and hair instantly when we’re not eating well.

Superfoods are a simple and delicious way to ensure you are keeping your skin supple and free from ageing, so you can avoid expensive beauty treatments before they’re necessary. Whether you want to ingest the foods or try one of the handy home remedies for your body, there’s no denying the power of superfoods for looking good.