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Smoothies For Weight Loss: 37 Delicious Smoothies That Crush Cravings RECIPE REVIEW

Smoothies for Weight-loss | Get the "skinny" on 37 weightloss smoothies compiled in one easy to use book at
Beginning a weight loss journey can be daunting… to say the least. The last thing you need is complicated recipes packed full of weird ingredients. The trick is, to keep it simple…and yummy! What better way than with this handy, dandy smoothies book. Simple, yet scrumptious weight-loss smoothie recipes, oh yeah.

Smoothies for Weight Loss: 37 Delicious Smoothies is the easiest and most satisfying way to get your health back on track, and keep yourself feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer. There’s a reason why smoothies are so popular with health fanatics, and this book authored by Jackson Nash, personal trainer, and nutritionist, can help you find out why.

With a range of different recipes including vegan smoothies, coffee flavored smoothies, weight loss smoothies for chocolate lovers, and more, you’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice in what you can learn to create.

Get Creative with Your Healthy Lifestyle

This book has gone to great efforts to explain each of the ingredients and what makes them so important to the smoothie. If you’re an amateur in the superfood department, it can help you learn why each of these ingredients is essential to getting healthy.

Healthy Smoothies

Once you’ve mastered the recipes and learned more about superfoods, there’s no stopping you from creating your very own smoothie masterpieces based on the ingredients you like best. This is more than just a recipe book, as it offers a complete guide to the power of superfoods and how you can harness them for yourself.


  • The recipes in this book use all natural ingredients, so you won’t find any instructions to place in protein powder or similar products.
  • A great guide for those who feel overwhelmed with their weight loss and need a little kick start that smoothies can supply.


  • Although the ingredients have explanations on their purpose, this can become a little tedious once you’ve learned the basics.
  • Hmmmm… I’m hard pressed to find any other negatives with this book. I love it myself.

Weight Loss Smoothies

Bottom Line

Weight loss doesn’t need to be a difficult journey with a book like this at your disposal, and you won’t find yourself becoming bored with mundane salads and soups that seem to take over every diet you’ve tried. Smoothies for Weight Loss will help push you in the right direction with a bunch of recipes that taste great and offer the best nutrition.

This book not only offers some great recipes for beginners but also teaches you important information about the ingredients within and how to create a balanced diet for yourself that will aid in weight loss and regaining your vitality. To kick start your weight loss journey in a fun and delicious way, purchase your copy of Smoothies For Weight Loss on the button below.

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