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Reverse Aging with Superfoods

Superfoods, is there anything they can’t do? Not only are these amazing nutrient-rich foods good for your health and wellbeing, but they can also work wonders on your physical appearance too.

Many of the popular superfoods are also foods that fight aging, so they can help you in more ways than one. Just by adding a few of these delicious foods into your everyday life can help promote healthy skin, nails, and hair, as well as reducing wrinkles and adding suppleness to your face.

With so many great benefits extending far beyond your physical health, there’s no reason not to jump aboard the superfood revolution today. You’ll amaze yourself at just how much effect these simple food choices can have on your entire life, as well as the aging process.

The Best Anti Aging Foods

To reverse aging sounds like some kind of science fiction, but there are very real and effective properties found within these superfoods that can help you turn back the clock. Having an anti ageing diet will not only help you to feel better, but it will take years off your appearance provided you are consistent with your healthy eating.

Best Anti Aging Foods


One of nature’s true super fruits, the avocado works in a few ways to reverse aging. According to Elle Magazine, avocado is full of healthy fats that are so small they can slip through your membranes and protect your skin cells from damage.


This wonder spice is one of the best anti wrinkle foods around. Turmeric protects your cells from damage and can actually slow wrinkles down, making you age slowly. Sprinkle some into your cooking or place a dash into a fruit smoothie to get your intake up.

Sweet Potatoes

These anti aging superfoods owe their miraculous properties to beta-carotene. Studies found that this ingredient actually prevents oxidative damage and has also been known to improve your eye health as well.

Superfood Sweet Potato

Green tea

There’s a good reason why many beauty products feature this anti aging superfood within, and it all comes down to the many anti oxidants. For the best way to get the nutrients that will reverse aging from green tea, drink it brewed fresh and hot.

For inspiration on how to prepare your reverse aging superfoods, many of these can be enjoyed fresh or popped into a morning smoothie for a quick and easy consumption of nutrients and vitamins.

Other Helpful Ways to Reverse Aging

There are other things you can do besides eating anti aging foods to help reverse the clock, and when coupled with a healthy intake of superfoods you’ll be able to increase the results and give yourself a fresher and younger looking face in just weeks.

Increase Your Water Intake

One of the most popular beauty tips of all time, and for good reason, water consumption has a lot to do with the condition of our skin. Being well hydrated helps your face look fuller and less dry, which in turn takes years off your complexion. Most delicious and easy-peasy way to increase your water intake here.

Increase Your Water Intake

Stay Protected from the Sun

Although you may not see it instantly, the sun can do many years of serious damage in just one sitting. Always stay protected when you’re near sunlight with a hat, sunglasses, SPF30 minimum sunscreen, and a shaded area. In 20 years’ time, you’ll be very grateful that you did.

Avoid Stimulants

Things such as excessive caffeine consumption, alcohol, and cigarettes can add years to your appearance. To truly feel healthy inside and out, look at quitting these harmful stimulants to give your complexion an instant facelift.

Use a Retinoid

Beauty experts agree, that a nightly routine of retinoid cream can help to keep your skin looking younger and feeling younger. Derived from vitamin A, this miracle ingredient works just like a superfood in stimulating collagen and helping to fight wrinkles.

Using Superfoods for Anti Aging Home Remedies

For something a little different, you might like to apply superfoods directly to your skin using a range of home remedies said to reverse aging. Many people swear by these anti aging secrets that can be easily whipped up at home for a relaxing beauty treatment.

Superfoods for Anti Aging

To harness the powers of green tea, mix a blend of matcha green tea powder with equal amounts of raw honey to create a face mask. Apply and leave to sit on your face for 15 minutes before removing with a warm, damp washcloth, and let the powers of green tea regain some elasticity in your face.

For an anti aging cleanser that can be made from superfoods, crush a small handful of almonds and uncooked rice grains together and mix with milk powder. Take a small amount of the mixture and add water for a refreshing facial cleanser that will help plump up your face and remove wrinkles.

The opportunities are endless with anti aging superfoods, so try some home remedies of your own to reduce aging. With a good mix of eating and drinking these amazing ingredients, as well as applying them directly to your skin, you can help regain elasticity and take away some of the harsh effects of aging.

Superfoods are the Key to a Younger Body and Mind

There’s no denying the amazing power that superfoods have, and their effects can be seen and felt almost instantly. Whether you’re looking to improve your health or your appearance, adding a few of these simple ingredients to your regular diet will have wondrous effects that can really be felt.

Superfoods have earned their status for a reason, so why not put the claims to the test and start experimenting with what these wonderful ingredients can do for you. Even if you don’t feel youself looking years younger, eating the right mix of superfoods can leave you feeling 18 years old again and full of energy and vitality.

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