Get Started with Juicing and Smoothies

A Beginner’s Guide

Get Started Juicing and Making Smoothies | A simple approach for beginners on how to get started juicing/smoothies. Go to

  • FIRST we’ll start out with a little background on my Juicing & Smoothie Journey with tips for you along the way.
  • NEXT UP, you’ll get specific tips on how to get started juicing and/or smoothies.
  • WRAP UP, I’ll help you decide what’s the easiest way to get started depending on where you are in the process.

My Juicing & Smoothie Journey

When the kids were growing up, I made us all a banana and strawberry smoothie as an afternoon snack. It was perfect for hot Texas days…which is about nine months out of the year (haha).. and it was a healthy choice to fill us up while waiting for dinner.

It was a far cry from the green juices I drink now, but it was a start.

My daughter is the one who introduced me to green juices. She suggested a “beginner” juice. Smart girl.

A beginner juice doesn’t have too many greens but plenty of yummy (sweet) fruits to ease you into the taste of a green juice. This is also true for a beginner green smoothie.

A newbie might try a combination like these:

  • Apples, Oranges, Carrots, Dandelions
  • Cucumber, Apples, Pineapple
  • Almond milk, Strawberries, Blueberries, Spinach

Check out this powerhouse smoothie recipes review of one of my fave books, to get started with any kind of smoothie your tummy desires.

When I graduated to more green veggie laden juices, I actually couldn’t drink an entire 16oz serving at one sitting. I had to divide it in two and drink the other half later in the day. It would literally give me a stomach ache if I drank too much. I’m telling you this so you don’t over do it and then dislike juicing.

Start slow, as in with small portions and not too many greens. After a few weeks, if you’re like me, you’ll happily drink a full serving (16oz) and enjoy plenty of greens.

Unexpected “Perk”… Better Lift Than Coffee

So, I’m moving along in my juicing journey, feeling really good about giving my body “juice love.” Then a surprising thing happened! It shouldn’t have been a surprise because I’d heard about it before but forgotten about it.
Unexpected Perk to Juicing
You’ve heard of runner’s high? Did you know you can get a juicing high? Yep. I kid you not. I guess I didn’t experience it right at first because I wasn’t drinking full servings of loaded greens, but once I did… whoowee!

It’s a much better pick-me-up than coffee, and without the jitters…or caffeine. Juicing makes me feel super energized… on top of the world..lifts my mood… ready for a beautiful day! Seriously, it’s magical.

Just to be clear, I’m talking about the effect of juicing. Not drinking smoothies.

There’s a difference. Juicing sends nutrients directly to your bloodstream giving you an instant boost, while smoothies (loaded down with fiber,) are digested more slowly giving you a level, sustained energy.

Don’t get me wrong…you’ll feel energized drinking smoothies! But like I said, it’s more steady.

Need inspiration for making smoothies? That happen to be awesome for weight-loss too? You can’t beat “Superfood Smoothies: 100 Delicious, Energizing & Nutrient-dense Recipes.

How to Get Started Juicing & Making Smoothies

OK then. Sounds good, but how the heck do you get started? Glad you asked. Here’s what to do if you’re brand new at juicing or making smoothies:

Beginner Juicing and Smoothie Tips at

>> Make your juices with more fruits than greens, gradually adding more greens as you go along.

>> Start with small portions (approx 8oz, even less if you need to)

>> Buy organic! Don’t defeat the purpose by consuming pesticide laden fruits and veggies! That said, some produce is OK to buy conventional, like avocados and bananas. Get a list of the “Dirty Dozen” to know which fruits and vegetables are fine to buy conventional and which ones you want to buy organic.

>> Wash your produce with a veggie wash before consuming. You can make your own wash using 1 part vinegar to 3 parts distilled water. Or purchase one (LINK) like I do for convenience. Use a food brush to remove traveling dirt and grime.

>> Prep ahead of time and freeze juicing/smoothie packs that contain the fruits, and simply add your greens (and liquid if making a smoothie) when you whip them up. BTW, some peeps include the greens in their packs but I prefer to add fresh.

>> Only drink on empty stomach – if you don’t you’ll be uncomfortable

>> Get help picking a juicer for juicing – Best Juicers

>> Get help picking a blender for smoothies – Best Blenders

What’s the Easiest Way for YOU to Get Started?

If you haven’t yet created the habit of juicing or drinking smoothies on a regular basis, my suggestion is this:

Start with smoothies.

Get an inexpensive, but powerful Nutribullet… and have a blast with it!

Here’s why.

  1. Smoothies are easy peasy to make and clean up (with the Nutribullet)
  2. Smoothies are great for you, just in a different way than juicing.
  3. If you keep it simple in the beginning, you are MUCH more likely to follow through with your new, healthy lifestyle.
  4. Once you’re in the habit of drinking smoothies regularly, you can make the bigger investment of time, money, and dedication… and start juicing.

BTW, your Nutribullet investment will not be a waste once you’ve graduated to juicing, because #1, you’ll still want to make smoothies, and #2 you can use it for mainstream recipes.