Fruit Infused Water – The Easy Way to Consume Superfoods

Let me begin by saying that drinking water – fruit infused or not – is a must for a healthier you. There’s no two ways about it.

You know the drill. Eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon… a day, if you’re not exercising strenuously. Add exercise into play, and you need even more water.

How the heck are you supposed to drink all that water?

Drum roll please. Enter, fruit infused water!

What is infused water, anyway?

Infused water is simply water that’s… well, infused with fruits, and even vegetables and herbs. You basically just cut/chop up your produce and let it sit in the water for 1-4 hours so that the nutrients and flavor of the produce can absorb into the water.

Top Fruit Infused Water Benefits

#1: You’ll drink more water.
Plain water can be boring, thus hard to get in your daily water intake. That’s why infused water is so exciting. It’s delicious! It’s refreshing! It’s so much more appealing to drink than plain water, that you’re sure to drink lots more of it.

#2: Infused water is calorie-free & preservative-free.
Sometimes people try and spice up their water drinking by purchasing flavored water or vitamin water. These are often loaded with sugar, preservatives and a bunch of other junk. Not so, when you make your own fruit infused water.

#3: Alkalizes your body.
Why do you care? …Because the opposite of alkaline is acidic. The more acidic your body is, the more prone to cancer and a whole other myriad of diseases. A typical diet of processed foods, meats, sugars, etc is the perfect breeding ground for an acidic system.

You want a wake up call? Test your alkaline/acidic level. This was one of the things that got me started on my health journey. I was so far off the charts (in the wrong direction) that there literally was not a test color for me. Fruit infused water will help balance your alkaline level.

#4: Helps with weight loss.
Fruit infused water is more filling and nutritious than plain water. It also contains fewer calories and sugar than soft drinks.

Some of the goodies (like mint, pineapple, ginger, psyllium seed, cinnamon) you can add to your infused water, suppresses your appetite and reduces cravings. By drinking fruit infused water, you’ll have more control over your weight and feel full longer between meals.

#5: Gets rid of toxins.

Due to its high antioxidant content, fruit infused water cleanses your body and helps eliminate toxins. It’ll keep your body hydrated and remove waste from your system. As a result, you’ll have a stronger immune system and enjoy better health.

A few refreshing (and nutritious!) combinations for your water

infused water fruit recipe illustration vector

  • Pineapple and ginger
  • Lemon and mint
  • Strawberry, lemon, and basil
  • Blackberries, raspberries, and mint
  • Lemon, cucumber, and cilantro
  • Orange, grapefruit, lemon, and lime
  • Watermelon, honeydew, and mint

5 helpful tips to remember

  1. Use cold water. Not only does this taste better, it also helps keep the fruit from falling apart. This also helps you get all of the good nutrients out of the fruit.
  2. Don’t soak the fruits at room temperature for more than 4 hours. If you do it any longer than that, it could cause bacterial growth – eww – so make sure you put it in the fridge.
  3. If you buy a special bottle or cup for your fruit infused water and carry it around with you wherever you go, you’ll be more likely to drink it!
  4. Some things that you can add into your water are: Herbs, spices, edible flowers, vegetables, and fruits (obviously!).
  5. Crushing the fruit, or cutting it into very thin slices, helps provide more flavor and speed up the infusion process.

Goodies to get you started

No reason to over complicate this! You can simply use whatever glass you normally use. But there are other options:

  • Some people enjoy the classic mason jars for their water. The Aladdin tumbler comes in fun colors, includes a straw and is double insulated.
  • You can really get into it with a water bottle specifically designed for fruit infused water like the Infusion Water Sport.
  • Or you can do like me, and use your Yetti tumbler. I use my Yetti even around the house cause I like my water cool at all times. I put in a little ice, add fruit, add more ice…and then fill with filtered water. If you don’t put the ice before the fruit, your straw gets stuck in the fruit. As far as size, I have a 20-oz one for home, and a 30-oz for on the go.
Fruit Infused Water bookYou might want also want to grab  this book, Fruit Infused Water: 80 Vitamin Water Recipes for Weight Loss, Health and Detox Cleanse (Vitamin Water, Fruit Infused Water, Natural Herbal Remedies, Detox Diet, Liver Cleanse)

Sometimes it’s offered free with Kindle unlimited.

The author has gone all out with recipes for specific desired outcomes, like metabolism boasting, detox, or whatever. And if I haven’t convinced you the benefits of infused water, he certainly will! 🙂

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