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I got lucky.

In 2014, while trying to increase my life insurance policy to include my new grandson, I was turned down because they found Hep C.

Hep C?! Whaaaatttt. Me? No way.

I was shocked and absolutely terrified.

I lost a dear friend to the disease. She had her whole life ahead of her, with a teenage son to raise. I felt so bad for her… But never in a million years did I think I could be at risk.

So how did I get lucky?

First let me share the shocker which ties in with the luck.

Then for the shocker…

I googled around for the best Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist, hopefully in the state of Texas so I wouldn’t have to travel too far.

After extensive research I found the doctor I felt most qualified, and he just happened to be in Austin where I live.

Happy days. But nope, that’s not the lucky or shocker part. Here it is.

After running all the tests to see the extent of damage from Hep C, nothing was found. Nothing showed up! Nada. Zip. Zero.

All the tests came up clean as a whistle. Like I didn’t even have the disease at all.

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How could that be?

Obviously, no one can say with utmost certainty exactly why I’m so healthy while carrying a potentially deadly disease. It’s actually referred to as “the silent killer.”

But, here is what I know (for sure, as Oprah would say!):

I quit drinking alcohol 100% in 1988. My actual sobriety date is August 11, 1988. Whoohoo!

I began a healthy living journey (not intentionally at first… it just kind of evolved.) But for many years now, I’ve made an effort to eat clean, exercise, live with a positive attitude, and for the last couple years I’ve increased my focus on Superfoods… and even started juicing after years of drinking smoothies.

Little did I know, as I began eating Superfoods and striving for a healthier lifestyle, that those choices would most likely save my life.

Nashville CMA Music Festival and SuperfoodsRock.com

.guacamole and grilled vegetable sandwichSo I’m off to Nashville with two of my besties for the CMA Music Festival week. Fun, fun. We had a blast. 🙂

While there, I do my usual thing of eating healthy. And my girlfriends are really curious about it, and ask lots of questions. We even stop by Whole Foods so they can try my fave juice.

Turns out both of my friends are interested in making healthier food choices, but they don’t necessarily know how to go about it.

Enter SuperfoodsRock.com. A place to get started when you’re ready, but not quite sure how to do this crazy Superfoods thing!

Do you have your f.r.e.e Superfoods Starter Kit?! You’ll also receive weekly “love notes” from me with easy recipes and actionable steps towards a healthier (and happier) you. 🙂

Transform your life.

First off, I am not a doctor. I don’t have any kind of health degree, certifications, etc. And I most certainly don’t pretend to know everything. But I am an enthusiastic student of health and fitness and enjoying life. As I continue to explore these passions of mine, I’d like to share with you along the way.
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I’d like to share how Superfoods can help you:

My pledge to you.

  • We’re gonna keep it simple!
  • When you request the “Superfoods Start Kit” I’ll also introduce (via email) one action step at a time so that:
    A) you won’t get overwhelmed doing too much at one time.
    B) you can start to feel energized and alive, plus look even more amazing than you already do!
  • Recipes will be short and sweet, aside from simply delicious.
  • I’ll only recommend products I believe in. This means when you read one of my reviews, I have done extensive research and often use the product myself.
  • Feeling fabulous with Superfoods will be a fun journey.
  • We’ll keep it simple. Wait… did I already say that?