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7 Superfoods Your Kids Will LOVE

7 Superfoods Your Kids Will Love | Even the most picky eater is sure to find some of these superfoods yummy at SuperfoodsRock.comMost kids turn their noses up the second you mention the word “healthy” around them, so here’s your chance to get a bit creative.

As superfoods might be a new term for your family, why not take the opportunity to introduce this modern phenomenon as something delicious and nutritious in your home.

By adding just a few superfoods to your children’s diets, you can help pack them full of nutrients and vitamins that they might normally miss out on.

Here are a few ideas for colorful and flavorsome treats you kids will love.

1) Berries

Served either as a snack or part of a meal, berries are a great way to deliver some nutrients to your kids in a delicious and sweet way. Add some of these colorful wonders to a smoothie, yoghurt, or on top of their morning cereal to give them a secret superfood boost. When not in season, reach for the frozen variety for just as many health benefits.

Blueberries on Table

2) Avocados

The perfect way to hide something healthy, avocados are rich, creamy, and full of good fats and nutrients. Many kids already love to eat avocado so it shouldn’t be a tough one to introduce. Serve fresh avocado dip mixed with a little lemon juice during your next Mexican dinner, or spread it on toast in the mornings for a unique twist on butter.

Many kids will like the taste so much, they’ll be happy to scoop avocado fresh from the shell and enjoy.

3) Seeds

Superfood seeds are a great way to sneak a lot of nutrients into our children’s diets without them being any wiser. Chia, sunflower, and hemp seeds can be added to soups, baked goods or smoothies for some added flavor and a whole lot of health benefits. If your kids really enjoy them, they can be packed for a lunchbox snack on their own too.

4) Watermelon

What kid doesn’t love this superfood? Watermelon packs a lot of punch in it’s sweet flavor. Each juicy bite of watermelon has significant levels of vitamins A, B6 and C, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. There’s even a modest amount of potassium.

Watermelon Superfood at

5) Oats

One of the most loved breakfast foods, oats are a great source of nutrients and one of nature’s superfoods. These whole grains can be used as a base for a range of flavors just by adding some simple ingredients on top. Cinnamon, blueberries, or honey, can make morning oats a magical treat for your kids, and they’ll keep them full until lunch time.

6) Oranges

This simple fruit is one of nature’s most powerful superfoods, and the good news is that your kids probably already love them. Oranges are great eaten on their own, squeezed into fresh juice, or used as a natural sweetener in cooking. During summer time, you can even freeze the segments for a cool and refreshing treat.

7) Quinoa

An amazing source of protein no matter your age, quinoa is fun and enticing enough to get kids on board too. With a range of options for how you can serve it, start by using it in soups and pasta to get your kids loving it. You can even bake some in the oven for a crunchy salad topping, or crumb your next meal using the flakes for a healthier option.

BONUS Idea – Wild Salmon

Yes! Your kids can love salmon. Think about it… you can get creative in the kitchen with the way you serve this superfood to your kids, and they’ll love you for it. Make some homemade fish fingers with wild salmon and you’ll be giving your kids loads of healthy fats that can improve their memory and concentration at school. Serve alongside some creamy, mashed sweet potato and some leafy greens for a triple hit of superfoods.

Wild Alaskan Salmon

Get Creative with Superfoods

All it takes is a little creativity, and perhaps some persistence, to get your kids eating and loving superfoods. It’s all in the marketing, so try not to push the healthy agenda too hard, and let these delicious ingredients speak for themselves.

Superfoods Lunchbox

Most of these superfoods can be easily hidden into their standard meals, but if you’re feeling confident you don’t need to hide them at all. Many kids will love the opportunity to try new things once they see how delicious it can be.

By treating our kids to the very best nutrition, we’re ensuring them a long and healthy life, and encouraging a passion within them for eating the best and freshest foods available. Incorporating just one new superfood a week into their diets is giving them a major head start in life and helping them to do their best in school too.