4 Rare Superfoods That Taste Great

Rare Superfoods for Variety and Deliciousness at SuperfoodsRock.comWhile some superfoods are all the rage lately and enjoying some well-deserved time in the spotlight, there are still some unknown foods that can offer just as many benefits with amazing flavors of their own.

As more superfoods are discovered, these amazing items are likely to become mainstream in their own time, and countless recipes will be created for how to enjoy their flavors.

Check out your local health food store or supermarket for fresh produce and begin enjoying these rare superfoods today.

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Goji Berries

These delicious shriveled berries are one of the rare superfoods that seem to be gaining popularity lately. Goji berries have been used for years by the Chinese, known for their powers in strengthening your immune system and protecting against various diseases.

Red Dried Goji Berries


Goji berries have a unique taste compared to other fruits, and there’s a number of wonderful ways you can enjoy them. They’re a little more bitter than traditional berries, but when dried it helps to make them a bit sweeter.

You can drink this superfood as a juice, top your morning oats with a few, or turn them into a decadent treat. Try goji berries coated in dark chocolate so you can enjoy two amazing foods in one.


Cacao generally refers to any product that comes from the cocoa bean, especially its powder. This deliciously rich dark bean product resembles the taste of cocoa, only a little more bitter and intense.

Cacao From Cocoa Bean

Cooking with cacao is a great way to avoid sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, and it can be added to just about anything you can think of. Raw cacao powder is very high in antioxidants, giving it the superfood status, and it also helps to regulate blood sugar levels, increase weight loss and boost your mood.

You can mix your cacao into a smoothie, or simply add it to the top of puddings, parfaits, or oats for a rich, chocolatey taste without the guilt. The jury is still out about whether heat ruins the natural nutrients in cacao, so it’s best to leave it uncooked.

Bee Pollen

Not to be confused with the allergy-causing pollen, bee pollen is like a mild tasting honey that’s best eaten raw. According to The Kitchn, this amazing ingredient is packed full of vitamins, flavonoids, carotenoids, minerals, and enzymes, so it’s certainly earned its title as a superfood.

Bee Pollen Superfoods

Relatively unknown until now, bee pollen can vary in taste depending on where it was sourced. Generally, though, it tends to have a mild and sweet flavor that makes it ideal for a whole range of recipes.

Bee pollen can be grinded added to the top of your morning cereal, in your superfood smoothie, or even to make delicious dressings for your salad. You can store it in the freezer to extend its life, otherwise, it may not last that long.


While they may not be completely rare, pomegranates are certainly not one of the first fruits that spring to mind when you list off your favorites. However, with their sweet and juicy taste and great versatility they are on track to becoming one of the most popular superfoods yet.

Pomegranate On Table

With a high amount of antioxidants in each serve, this fruit offers cancer-fighting properties and improved health for your heart. Studies suggest that these antioxidants are roughly three times the amount found in green tea, so there’s no denying their health benefits.

To enjoy the taste of this delicious fruit, you need to ensure you get it in season which is just a few months from October every year. Pomegranate can be added to muffins and baked goods, smoothies, salads, or eaten fresh from the source.

Rare Superfoods of the Future

Just ten years ago the term “superfood” was virtually unheard of, and thanks to America’s recent interest in regaining their health, these foods that were once rare are now receiving some spotlight.

Superfoods of the Future

Superfoods of the FutureFinding superfoods that match your taste buds is half the fun! Combine new explosions of taste, and you have an exciting journey that your body will thank you for. There’s no telling what type of foods might make the rare superfoods list in the future, but undeniably it will open up a lot of doors for lifestyle changes which can benefit our health.